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Asphalia for Natural Sleep





   Asphalia for Natural Sleep
 wheatgrass (triticum aestivum), barley grass (hordeum sativa)

This naturally grown and carefully milled formula for natural sleep contains an anti-oxidant five times as powerful as vitamin C.  The same biomolecule is known to regulate the body's natural sleep cycle, or circadian cycle, and helps ensure a restful sleep without disturbing vital sleep architecture.  Our three-stage milling process, produces submicron particles, not only preventing the proteins from denaturing, but also permitting easier sublingual intake directly into the bloodstream, for fast action. 

Leading nutritionists are hailing Asphalia for Natural Sleep as the biggest breakthrough in sleep improvement for decades.  It is approved by the British Vegetarian Society as being suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

no sleeping-pill hangover - no animal materials
no added sugars - no preservatives - gluten free

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Asphalia is Not Chemically Treated

Much of the so-called fresh fruit and vegetables available today are commercially grown and, thereby, sprayed with harmful pesticides and grown in chemically treated fertilizers. A 2003 study by the UK Governments Dept. of Health revealed that 12% of pears contained carbendazim, a possible carcinogen; 2% of potatoes contained aldicarb, a nerve poison and over 20% of apples contain chloropyrifos, a hormone disrupting chemical.

Other Important Scientific Information

Studies have now shown that regular intake of dietary supplements can maintain health and provide what even many fresh foods cannot. Asphalia is developed to optimise these needs as part of a normal calorie-controlled diet, and thereby help fortify you against lifes environmental challenges.

The body needs a combination of ingredients for optimal protection such as found in Asphalia. Whats more these seem to be more effective if naturally derived from plants than if synthesised chemically.

Instructions and Contraindications

Whichever variety you choose, take just one capsule by mouth and swallow with a small amount of water just before bedtime. For faster assimilation break open the capsule gently and add to a 2 tsps. of water, then dispense and hold under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. Children under 12 should take only capsule. Not for infants or children under 12 months. Do not consume if about to drive or operate machinery. Pregnant women should consult their physician before taking.

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